Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Who am I you say?

A great man once said “Some poetry is dressed in knowledge and art.” So now when I speak, Its like I’m shooting, shooting knowledge at you that you that u needed to seek. Knowledge is what I’m offering, and words are of my products. So on a scale, I weight my thoughts, my actions, my wounds and I’m destined for success, Can’t level to fail. I come from African roots, I am guaranteed to flex. So who am I you say? No, who are you? Present me with an answer, or let me elucidate you.
You say Am I a poet or an emcee? No necscience, I'm just another son of
eve ,Scripting ,Depicting ,Stories untold As I teach while the truth is unfold ,I write because I can ,Preaching so you all understand, My message for the youth ,This is my version of the truth. I am speaking on behalf of Where all is wonderful, and pleasant, Where every external thought is beautiful, Where love weights more than hate ,Let I show you better days ,Better yet Let me show you better days

Mukhtar Mohamed Copyright © 2010

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