Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The one my eyes behold.

Have you ever been enchanted by an aura refreshing like a tropic summer weather. Beauty so mesmerising her soft nature tantalising, warm thoughts appear in me even before the sun is rising. Intelligence is like a beacon that directs the one seeking knowledge knowing her education is more then just a privilege. To be in her presence is the only way to discover her true essence, untouched by vanity she is conscious to her belief in the almighty. Modest in her speech and walk a voice that flows like a cascading melody never a burden to hear her talk. To expect perfection on this planet is just being ignorant and to spend time seeking it will only make you further reluctant. She comes so close the only give away is like me she is a child of the soil, yet angelic in appearance the type of individual you wish never to have much distance. The one to journey with me through this life to bring peace and much needed harmony. The one to take advice from a loved one as her best interest yet has the mental to find her own way, forgets never to bow down and pray. All living creatures humans and animals were all created in pairs and I wish you no heartache or tears, forget and surpass your fears. To promise you the world would make me a liar, but I have all you need to light the warmth of a loving home fire. To grow and share our blessings steady like the current of a flowing river, never stagnant but moving towards our goals together. Life is never what it seems, but having the love of a true one can only aid you to reach your dreams. Touched my a contagious fever induced by her smile, knowing for I her best to be patient she will surely try. Under no circumstances do we forget that true peace and happiness can only be bestowed by the most high.

Hamza Egal
Copyright © 2010

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