Tuesday, June 15, 2010

For Gideon Chumo

Gideon Chumo has been my best friend ever since he came to Somalia. In fact, more than a friend, closer to a brother, for the difficult times we have gone through, exactly like family members would. I remember the first day, i guess on 3rd September 2005, when Chumo first stepped into Somali soil, through KM50 Airport,... Mogadishu and I was there to receive him, introduced and oriented him into a turbulent city (of warlords then), took him to Amira Hotel, and that's how he started his life in Somalia.
And until this day, Chumo hasn't left us, he's been nurturing young minds, teaching, inspiring and giving his service to our community, from Mogadishu Language Institute to Mogadishu University. Well done brother
Waa ku mahadsan tahay sxb dadaalkaaga iyo dulqaadka, dhibka aad nala qeybsatay. waxaan ku leenahay Ilaahay hakaa abaal mariyo
I am impressed by his writing, from a novel manuscript that I personally took to Bakara to be typed, to his poems and stories, Mash'Allah, I hope that one day you'll be published.
You can check his website, for more of his writing.

Written by: Ina Jowlow Jimcaale

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