Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Black mineral.

Black mineral, earth’s most distractive commodity
Runs the working mind of man into the darkness of insanity

Flows underneath the earth’s crust, nothing to prohibit it
Wars fought, and innocent blood shed just to reach it

Countless nations, wealth amassed ludicrously and spent lavishly
Yet countless people dying of its ailments, stomachs ever empty

Forced to slave and retrieve this black mineral
Under the cruel and watchful eyes of self proclaimed admirals
If the wronged had their say, those they serve would be caged like animals

They say no news is good news, turn a blind eye and live confused
The Message from the state, your mind you offer for them to rape

Why is it the land so fertile, rise your hand and question
Has it never crossed your mind, why so many children die from man made starvation

In built human affection, no longer in existence
As long as those dying are not in our presences

Continue living and moving thoughtlessly
But understand this no matter if you turn your back, your hands remain bloody

Rage war on the pretence of freedom, only to destroy ancient infrastructure
Depriving children of life’s essentials, so they have no past, present nor future

Troops long gone so many dead, those fortunate to live only yearn to come home
Their hearts and minds, affected to the point it is no different then stone

Blood pours like it comes from a broken water main
On the beauty and plains of the earth’s surface it leaves a familiar red stain

Black mineral no longer flows like a river alone on its bed
Oily black but now travels with a sister dressed crimson red

Copyright © 2007 Hamza Egal. All Rights Reserved

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