Tuesday, June 15, 2010


The beauty of earth so blue and so cold
With wild emotions of stories been told
The love of life and breath of a child
In weeping denial I sought all the while
My tears turned to red in this puzzle of days
Amazed at amazement and what has been made
I screamed up to heavens, anxieties waves
Desired of comfort from Ancient of Days
Sought for the moon but found only light
Sought for the sun but found only night
The stars spoke of innocence nothing was wrong
Till man starting breathing his woefulness song
I wanted an answer, a purpose, a place
I wanted the fear with love to replace
Inner and outer to left and to right
Down and then up with changing of life
Where is this gold the prize to be won
And how does it feel to look forward to none?
Colors, emotions, and earth is what is
But what is the earth but someone we'll miss

And suddenly that certain being comes and invades

Your world of thoughts And now, Now

All I do and think of you is worth a second time
A time of wonder stunning are your rays within my eyes
Once again I rend my flesh and bask in your perfection
The thought of you is more concern than one of life's direction
Life will fall and raise itself amidst our agony
Rebirth is yours and earth is yours with love and tragedy
Existence makes us cry for that which elevates perception
The world of forms the life of norms and moments intersection
You are the One that makes us real and forms reality
Without which nothing comes from nothing left in unappealing
But there is something glorious that breaks in suddenly
As fingers moving through the veil to shine on spotted sea.

Mukhtar Mohamed

Copyright © 2010

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