Tuesday, June 15, 2010

With Age Comes…

With age comes all the wonderful events that life holds,
With age comes times of happiness, and times of joy,
With age comes times of anger and misery,
With age comes times of sadness and sorrow,
With age comes grieving and mourning,

Despite it all age brings wonderful events into our lives.
Newborns enter into a strange world,
Young men and women find their companions for life,
And some become the leaders of an Ummah that awaits them.

With age comes responsibility and concern,
With it comes the understanding of treating others just,
Of refraining and abstaining from unlawful desires and lust.
With age comes loving and living,
And with it comes the ability of trusting and believing.

Age is just a number,
But with it comes intellectual minds,
Various knowledge’s and peoples of many kinds,
With age comes the ability of telling a watermelon from a cucumber.

Age can be childhood or adulthood,
Or it can be what’s in between - being a youth.
Our age can be spent in wasting time,
Or not sharing with the poor our dollar and dime.

Being a youth is a gift that we take for granted.
It is when we can have our seeds of good planted,
Education we can seek,
And with good words we can speak.

In our short years of youth we can spend doing good,
Or we can do drugs and hang about the neighborhood.
Being a youth is something magnificent,
We are bestowed with wonderful gifts from the Beneficent.

We make choices and do deeds that affect us for life,
To attain paradise we must strive.
With age comes the ups and downs of a journey that’s long,
So let’s hold on and remain steadfast and strong.

Take advantage of this gift and praise Allah,
Don’t let go - follow the path of Rasulullah (pbuh).

- Nimo Abdi Warfa
Copyright © 2010

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