Tuesday, June 15, 2010

People Have Mentally ‘Twin Towered’

Stupidity has been subsidized but people still pay whole
We’ve been socially constructed and tailored with 'fabrications' and shoes made with fake 'souls'
And the people who know this are mentally conflicted thinking, "should i be naked or clothed?"

Our spirits have ‘fallen’ and souls are way beneath the rubble
i take the time to share my shine and enlighten you with non-specifics that might disrupt your little bubble
I put a fist up to symbolize support for those who grind to fight the struggle

Struggles our generation exploits and do not really part take in
Mute the hating, freeze the frame, pause the video and try and find whats 'vacant'
Behind the concept of 'darkness', a dire situation is what we’re facing

Hard to draw the 'big picture' cause my imagination is absent from the scene
My words are dirty with the truth, "great minds don't think alike" so i hope you get tangled with what i mean

You can google intelligence but will never find enough 'hits' to suffice the 'addiction' of a real intellectual

i can give you minimal directions, cause i really don't lead sheep

All i do is help 'mend mines'
Specifically speaking the minds i know best which is 'mens minds'

God willing i hope to see this happen in my lifetime
i dream that the proletariat and the disenfranchised people will 'rise', like an 'incline'

'Slope' filled with hope
And I hope you see what I see without a scope

Prevailing justice starts with minuscule acts such as 'kindness'
And to prevail you need to take off the your ‘shades of ignorance’ and contribute to the cure for 'social blindness'

And if along your contributions and lifelong journey you encounter corruption
I would suggest not fighting fire with fire cause its really counter productive

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