Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I love talking about him

Man, I’m in love.

I love talking about him; I love his blessings upon me so strong that you almost can cry. Fell a tear, because this is sincere. Saying his name makes my heart runs faster than the train. Perhaps it sounds like a cliché to you, but for me, he opens the entire way. From here to there. Step by step is what I do everyday.

Oh man!

I wished you could touch the love I experience each day!

Love so true that I almost despair away. He is the one I come for comfort, the one who knows all of my secret. For you, he might just be a guy or the one you really want.

But what do you know?


You are just a child. Raised by a society where nobody told you power comes from within. With no limits, only strong belief. Deceived by the world we living in,

We fall in love.

My love has everything. He writes my day. With a smile on my face I carry on. When I recite, he listens. I never delay when he calls. This is true love,

My love is Allah.


Laila Siad
Copyright 2010

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