Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Random reflections @ tea time (RRTT)

Life is unpredictable. It forces us to experience numerous trials, enjoy success, dream for better living, hope for the best, and appreciate different cultures, traditions and viewpoints. They say life is short and therefore we must live it to the fullest and enjoy the few days we have on this earth. However, how can life be short when we experience happiness, sorrow, love, confusion, heartbreaks, etc almost every minute of the hour?

Allah has blessed us with many great people whom we are without doubt grateful to have in our lives. Sometimes we meet people for a minute and they almost instantly impact our lives. And, who said one must know a person intimately for that person to make you smile? Happiness can be derived from that one person you always meet at the bus stop and wave to without ever knowing their name. That one person who brings a smile on your face. That one person you see at the corner of some street, bus or perhaps once in a lifetime encounter somewhere.

Happiness does not mean much when the heart is not content. And, the heart is not content if the mind is wandering around. Sometimes those who we hold dear to our hearts end up being the ones who hurt it the most. In moments like that you feel as though they are stepping on your heart almost without mercy. It pierces right through your chest. Hurts. Yet, like an idiot who hasn’t learned a lesson it wanders around that individual – hoping against hope that things might change someday. It longs for that embrace. But how do you explain to it that some hearts aren’t meant to love back? They are only taught to hurt.

Regrets are attached to those experiences we haven’t learned lessons from. The good, the bad and the ugly experiences of life are valuable and if one can changes their perceptive – any lesson will be turned into a moment worth experiencing. A moment worth living for. A lesson well learned.

We spend our time and effort sometimes caring for those who do not even acknowledge our existence. We cry for peace when day after day all we see is ongoing battles being fought harder.

We proclaim to live by the truth and courage yet we turn blind eye to things that matter at moments when we should speak. In other occasions our mouth runs faster than western union.

How unpredictable and beautiful life can be!♥

-Halima Ahmed
Copyright © 2010

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