Thursday, August 18, 2011

Make the world better..

It is our job to make the world better 
by giving the poor food and some water 
so we should definitely make the world better 
by loving the orphans and being kind in all matters. 
it is my job to make this world better 
because it kills me to see children suffer 
for them i wish that i could start a new chapter 
and make them feel like everyday is summer 
how can we sleep when some children are sleepless 
how can we eat when some people are starving 
how can we laugh, when some orphans are in pain 
without any hooyo, to tell them it's gonna be okay 
and what about the father, who just lost his only son 
because he didnt had any food, to give to his beloved one 
and what about the mother who feels helpless and weak 
because she cant take care of her baby girls needs. 
Subhanalah tell me how would you feel? 
to see your sweet mother being killed 
while some strangers are taking the house ur father built.. 
to watch your life fade away, let us help before it's too late! 
only in this world do we need eachoher , we all know 
and insha allah it might be the key to jannatul fardows.

Najax Cabdulahi Sarsarey
Copyright © 2011

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