Thursday, August 18, 2011

Stage entrance

I wake up in destruction.
Life can be a mystery.
Then a bliss off patience or misery.

The treasure deeps inside of the conscious, narcotic minds are haunting!
Till the soul rests at the edge of the earth.
Is there something?
Flowing blood streams, pumping through veins full of excitement.       
The true licence of the 'masters of the universe.
A bitter touch of jealousy that lands in the wrong hands and taps the right friends.
Can be bubbled out as a curse.
So vicious like dark nightmares that resembles yellow cat eyes.  That feeling keeps you haunted, even when you open your eyes and reality strikes, deja vu!

And when your favourite colour was green you say it is blue.   
Confused and depressed all alone till you talk to yourself, so random.
The imaginary phantom laughs as you ride.
These thoughts lead you to visit, "your new partner paranoia".
It made sense to make friends but cold tears will now create a different scent.

So cry on, cry on,cry on.

Follow your way to the stage entrance.  
Round the bend make sure you don't  miss it.
Keep the track in your mind, like a treasure box, list it!
Carry on and drive to the next exit. 
And visit the spirit of detention. 
Free yourself from all the hardships in your heart!
And start to mention, the One-ness  of Allah and He protects so the devil never holds you ransom.
Live your life, don't live for pride cuz peace is the world answer!
And unity true songs of vocal is my anthem.
Step up to a crowd.
There's a leader, who settles above the grounds.
Dictating his visions to large audience.
And if it may to be, you could face a order of stabbing your own friend.
So come around.
False statements, is their any piety in his heart.
Dismissing hungry mouths.
Boasting out loud!
He says; 'I'm on the top of the mountain, peak in the clouds so is there any one who can put me down!'
Until his own words rebelled against him so next soul could take his crown.

Ahmed D
Copyright © 2011

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