Thursday, August 18, 2011

Stop waiting people, let's save our land

You know I think it's funny how
everyone is waiting
Waiting for our country to
or maybe just the fading

Lets wait on our president to
make things right
We can't do something about
anything for its wrong to fight

We just need to sit and wait for
someone to make a change
We look at our society and what
we think is

So we sit and wait another day
praying for things to be better
Too worried about what the label
is on the front of our sweater

We can't go out and do
something for that disabled
man at the park
And we wonder why our nation
is still just so damn dark

We all just sit and think about
what should be done,
But when it comes down to it, all
we want is a little fun

We're too high and mighty to go
change our apathetic society
I still think it's funny that we call
that propriety

Why do we think by doing
nothing we'll make
I'm asking all you people where
is your motivations

Go ahead everyone...keep sitting
there waiting
Nothing's going to change...all
our people are just fading..


With just one touch
Or friendly glance
we can save our country
It's in our hands

With three simple words
That come from the heart
We can reunite
This nation thats torn apart

Don't be so quick
To jump to conclusions
Let  our heart decipher
The eye's illusions

We judge out of fear
Of what we don't know
Afraid of possibly
Befriending a foe

Don't be afraid
To reach out and touch
Those people we think
Are so different from us

So lets open our heart
And let love unfurl
It's in our hands
We can save our land..

Nomad WithDeen
Copyright © 2011

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