Thursday, August 18, 2011

Suffering in Gaza

Will the suffering in gaza ever end?
Will it become much harder or will they become friends?
The Isrealis have created so much hate , caused by the death of a mother,father,sister,brother and soul mate.
God states , if each individual was killed for no reason or died for him , he will certainly look after in the here after ,
The world leaders taunts them with laughter whilst they make prayers to God, the merciful , greatest master. 
Jetz scrap through their air locked and loaded , mission sent by Israel is to smoke the hopeless
they talk about the Palestine with a codename living roach's.
Are they scared that Palestine has the potential? so they use tear gas, grenades, nukes , knowing that one day it might become an actual 
I watch the t.v , talking about how bad we got it in the region that sparked something in my brain to start day-dreaming ....i was young and it looked like the evening , bombs being blown , looks like the Israeli soldiers cant be controlled i'm roaming whilst seeing countless bodies being shown!

Jama Hussein 
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