Thursday, August 18, 2011

Modern day Ignorance

For every Good act theirs Ignorance amongst us
Like the time of the jahilyah except they weren't monsters.
We can be bought or bribed with double digit numbers.

we forget our teaching just so we can look like stunners amongst the sinners,
nowadays i don't hear a bismiillah or allhamdulilah during family dinners
but your all jumping up and down just cause its Christmas.
the Devil got you wrapped around his crook'ed finger
whilst he's getting you to defy your existence.

so right now you've been enlisted job title:politician,
however what he wants you to do doesn't fall within the job description
he wants you to replicate the time of the Egyptians
Convince the people its just a way to stop carbon emissions
Build a vision where Muslims and Christians go back on there religion
However there are those that will fight against it.
The ones that follow the Qur'an and the sun-nah
I'm proud to say, i call these freedom fighters my Ummah .

Jama Hussein 
Copyright © 2011

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