Thursday, August 18, 2011

Reflection: life and friendship

At a time of healing are we as grateful as at a time in need?
We seem to look away from what is important during our greatest hour
but become religious when we haste for riches and power.
I seem to dwell upon a future not promised to me,
so I stay up late hours trying to shape what may not be given to me,
Truth is I do not appreciate the chance and gift of today?

I reflect upon it and decide to sleep upon it
knowing that the next day I may not even act upon it
Its a dark decision which risks me in numerous ways
but its my way of being now and I struggle to change these ways.
Dear He can you help support me like you do in most of my days,

I know when the world is against me you always seem to brighten my days ,
during the tuff times you answer my prayers, and during the joy,
I forget to say thank u, do excuse my horrible ways.At time of reflection I seem to realize the truth
but during reality I seem to hide it under the carpet, The dust piles up and I start to walk on unseeing mountains
created due to my own ignorance.

I am no different then othersYou and me need to start realizing that the more we ignore..
the more we create barriers for one an otherDear he can you please protect us from one an other,
so that we can only benefit each other.
Its either that or we seriously need to stay away from each other.

Sofie Omar
Copyright © 2011

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