Sunday, October 16, 2011

Behind Bars

Counting the days…
dear diary, can you remember the face
that first looked at your blank page
you told me, don’t fill the emptiness with rage
…did she forget about me?
I remember her walk even though I’m unable to see
the past got the better of the boy
I used to be, I remember the joy
my family brought into my life
oh, what dragged me into this – will I survive
such pain, behind bars, I cannot believe
from the depths of my subconscious I retrieve
how to breathe, claustrophobic
me and my so called life became static
help me to learn step by step
how to turn the coat of neglect
inside out, judged by appearance
skin tone and its interference
why do you pity my situation
if all the lies of the media got your fascination
naïve, I used to believe
a thief is born a thief
rather “opportunity makes the thief”
if you knew the opportunity that came to grief
the day you allowed to see your brother in a bad state
remember, it was the day he saw in your eyes only hate
all he is asking for is forgiveness
the mercy of the Forgiving is endless
even if the sky is festooned with clouds today
the All forgiving will pave for him the way
“bring injustice to justice”
I wish, you did not quote me like this
can’t you see, your justice murdered his brother
I wonder, if we were supposed to understand one another
I heard Mohandas say, “an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”
born to lose my sight, justice I cannot find
be the eyebright, the one to witness
the mercy of the Forgiving is endless.

Pen ‘N’ Paper
Copyright © 2011

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