Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hope in Allah

Sometimes we look to our right
And think of the good things we've done
And sometimes we look to our left and see wat we've done wrong
Allah is ever forgiving that's why I keep my hope for Allah so strong
Put aside all the evil things I've done
I'm just happy now that I've got Allah and the Quran to guide me along
Repentance is what I seek from My Lord
And insha'Allah one time I'll be opposing my enemies dragging my sword
Sometimes when I want to remind my self of the greatness of Allah I just think about the Sky
Subhana'Allah He is the Infinite the One
He is the One that will take away all our lives and then again by he's power and Only he's power we will rise
He is the supplier of All wealth and coz of him we manage to survive
I thank my Lord as he deserves every effort of my life

Mustafa Farah
Copyright © 2011

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