Sunday, October 16, 2011

The norm of the 21st century

the norm of the 21st century
where the words like humble and respects rest peacefully in a sanctuary
where the hypocrites sing a melodies so sweet , that the people listen in so eagerly
where as soon as your mother turns a little old and alone , you stick her in a home for the elderly.
Where wars unjustly occupy territory, severely injure the unarmed and then deny them hospitality

The norm of the 21st century
where apparently Muslims are the main source of agony?
because they don’t go along with Britain’s ideal white society
which are high murder rates, binge drinking and teenage pregnancies
I say Alhamdulillah I’m a Muslim otherwise id be dead / drunk or a runaway baby father with STD’s

The norm of the 21st century
where racism is still conceived in the minds of the weak
the same minds who have sought to recruit other people who agree
who have been given the blessing of the government to go on a racist rant because its freedom of speech?
What’s the difference between them and Hitler.. Nothing they both thought there race was elite
This is the Norm of the 21st Century.

Jama Hussein 
Copyright © 2011

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