Sunday, October 16, 2011

Empty Shell

This is getting old, I try to make sense of what I have accomplished, but the awards are lies to me, my body is a shell that just takes what it needs with, no life or soul to tell those who don't know that I'ma not a human being, I don't have passion nor do I want to take action for what is there to be done, I'm over the top, kicking the stars, pushing the ship to high gear that sprinkling dust of light beams to your eyes and you cry for the lost ones, this is death, that cold feeling, that darkness in your eyes and whispers in your ear to make that sweet song of agony fill your hollow soul, those bones draped in black sheets, has a tight hand around your neck, are you an empty shell, a wondering being, with a one way ticket, no way out, trap worst than a lab rat, with no  treat at the end, can you feel the heat in the end, as  I empty my shells out with nothing but hate, can you feel the change, that unknown face that appears to guide you to what seems safe, I am misery, on a melancholy day, I stroll the streets of your life and rape the happiness you hold so  dearly, as I  downcast my shadow of hopelessness from head to toe, and plant my tree of grieves to every neighborhood, as far as the eyes can see, you will notice the sorrow disgorge from all areas, observe it as it swallow you whole, with no  compassion, I am a disaster, I will demolish and  devastate, and leave this whole existences laid in ruins, waste your child's future, and corrupt the good intention of those who mean well, I will feed on weaker minds, as I  splash a fine mist of arrogance, and drizzle it to the minds of those who are intelligent, watch as they overwhelm me with their  meaningless thoughts, not knowing that they are irrelevant to my plots, just ponds, there's a bigger game, I will be done with them, and head on to the next group of childish, empty-minded society, as I leave a mass pool of destruction, I will numb you from all sympathy.

Ayan Abdi
Copyright ©2011

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