Sunday, October 16, 2011


e need to get to the source
Of this deepening dark force
That distorts our actions
And twists all of our good thoughts
The root cause and seed of all our wars
Past and present
Resented by the innocent
All too easily embraced by our governments
Very few of the chosen have fulfilled their duty of governance
The resource less left to fend for themselves
With little or no help
As child mortality rates continue to rise
This very instant a mother witnesses
The death of her infant 
Countless times she cried
Her eyes have dried
Akin to the fertile land that once gave life
We have lost a myriad of lives
Let us move away from that which divides
Towards that which unifies
In time hooyo may once again smile
We cannot be innocent bystanders
For that would make us accomplices to the murder of innocence
Let us reflect
On the bird that leaves its nest
Only to return with food

Copyright © 2011

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