Sunday, October 16, 2011


This world is an allusion
A provisionary play ground
That’s full of confusion
A mire amusement
And a bogus substitution
To the true happiness
And the ultimate destination
Al-akhirah! Our main station
Tricked by the Satan
Many fall into delusion
Crippled by their sin
They’re forever in sedation
Clubbing, drinking, gambling
Easily committing fornication
Choosing to forget the truth
Just for temporary solution.
Masking away the reality
Deeply trapped in their pollution
Controlled by their desires
It’s all superficial sensation.
Because sooner or later
It’ll all come to cessation
And in the depth of hellfire
They’ll burn without consolation
As righteous recline in their high thrones
Praising their Lord in vivid observation
 So my dear brethren I remind my nafs and yours
To stay committed regardless of the temptations
Surely; this life is a test and you’ll be scorned.
For whatever happens, always purify your intentions
Verily, Allah guides whom He wills
So do we seek His guidance in evert situations

Aminah X. Ibrahim
Copyright © 2011

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