Sunday, October 16, 2011

I Promise

Although I've no clue how long i will be with you... I promise.
Before Allah, that I will
Take your responsibility,
With pride, and honor,
I promise.

That I will protect you
From the evil, and filth
Minded people,
guide you to thee
Right, I promise.

That I will never make you
Weep, nor stress you for
I place my trust upon you,
Isn't freedom one of the
Things that can strangle
A faithful wife, I promise.

That won't be the case
I'm going to be careful
On here, and let you
Be a muslimah, and
God fearing, I promise.

The Qur'an will be your freedom,
And hadeeth will be your source
There you would have a tool
To fend off critics, I promise.

Ahmed Abdi
Copyright ©2011

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