Sunday, October 16, 2011

Flowers of my Nation

O flowers of my nation
Trees without roots bear no fruits and flowers without colour are beauty bare
You were born of warriors and pious mothers
Do not let them tell you come from a nation of pirates,
know that the rhythmic prose of our ancestors still rests heavy on many tongues we will be forever more the nation of poets
Sometimes you may be tongue tied as you try to articulate in
the mother tongue but never attempt to eradicate its beautiful sounds
We shall teach our children bi'idnillah its beauty in every way
Somali waxyar yaqaana they shall never say

O flowers of my nation many smooth talking elders may whisper to you in riddles seeming to ooze wisdom, but they carry mental poison designed to ruin the fruits of seeds you sowed so long ago
When they preach to you tell them; stop digging up the roots of evil and just let it go
And in their minds plant ripe ideas like freedom from the chains of the past
Let them see that horrors of the yesterday won't dictate your future and that u strife for peace that will last

O Flowers of my nation for so long they have abused our birth right denying us a say in the future of our nation
Attempting to surround us with darkness so that we may never reach a higher station
Let us start a revolution born out of youthful wisdom and pure patriotic love
Rising against injustice putting our faith in the One above
Let us paint over dark clouds with rainbows
Replace shrapnel filled sands with many a beautiful rose
Come forth to mend the broken wings of peace and let us appease no more the lovers of war
Destroy ignorance and put unity at the core

O flowers of my nation let us prepare for the return to the mother land
Exploring majestic mountains, beautiful beaches and glorious pastures there is much to be planned
Whether you're from north or south bari ama galbed we are one
I am you and you me
May we gather for ciyaar somali under grand acacias
Relating sheeko somali under the stars and laughing on every occasion

O Flowers of my nation
pour blood, sweat and tears into the rich soils that hold our mother land
Caress the aching land with tender hands
Be the asli hassans, xawo takos and syl of the 21st century
Bring your dreams to live and into the sky watch them soar
Like Dr hawa abdi raise the spirits of the sick and poor
And just like Knaan show the world that Somalia is worth fighting for.

Qalbi nura Galaydh
Copyright ©2011

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