Sunday, October 16, 2011

Unity of Humanity

I raise my fist in the air in solidarity with full clarity and continue to assist the resistance

Evil persist without rest assisted by consistent parasites, it will not stop until it bends us to its
will, shatters hope and matters most

Installing isolation and devastation between us with it's devilish tough of persuasion and it's
weapons of mass destruction

Haunted by my conscious, I know now that silence kills. So I stand in defiance of aggressors and
aware of the consequence

The coalition between life and death is unbreakable, so I choose to live with honor and die for a
noble reason

I pray our brother and sister awake from this dream, induced by the media and low self respect
resulting in hate for one another

Let our words of unity and justice for minds, body and soul reverberate around the world

Copyright © 2011

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