Sunday, October 16, 2011

Morning Light

Morning light
is in sight
lifting the night
raising the mood to new heights

be attentive, you are still within reach
filling the soul of my neighbourhood
this melody is changing me for good

her tale of freedom at large
“the nightingale replaced by the larch.”
her wisdom touched my heart
we were just one thought apart

I don’t remember why I am supposed to know
“time flew by, who came, who was meant to go?”
all I see are the childhood memories
prior the morning light, dazzled by felonies

reaching for me, where have you been
“accused, mind abused, forced to come clean!”
thrown into oppression, by the long arm of the law
taken into their own hands, left with a broken jaw

morning light, used to be the bliss
“bemused, amused, how did it come to this?”
‘how often have I told you’, I hear him preach
that Martin Luther King Jr. speech

I see him ponder
“[still] I have a dream!”
never saw him wonder
about the morning light and its gleam.

Inspired by Zainab Samatar & Abdiraheem Samatar.

Pen ‘N’ Paper
Copyright © 2011

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