Sunday, October 23, 2011

Imagery Suicide

I am whole!
I was whole before this hole exposed
The missing extension that you once bought to my soul

I have not leaked,
I have not lost or broken pieces of me
It’s the remains of the outside conservatory,
The cracks in the foundations surrounding me,
The shattered remains of what I had of you
That repeatedly stabs the outside of me!

And you must be cleared!

How your thickness in the air chokes me!
How naive of me to assume that fire would be your best demise…
When out of these ashes and smoke it is your ghost lasting
Even in your death I am despised!

But you must be cleared!

So upon my knees I scrub you clean
Fingers bloody raw!
My red streams revive you still
And betray the wounds they flee from

Our last dance…
One last dance!
another battle won!

How inane of me to track the score
When you’ve already won the war!
So with this blackened cloth I smother you still!
You must be cleared!

The final picture…
A pretty picture!
Lilies lining the lines of you
Blankets of neat rolls of green
Burying you some feet deep…

What a picture!
Me whole! You gone!
That’s the image I needed to be

Now that you’re cleared!

And I’ll ignore the presence of your absence!
And whitewash the shadows of your walls
And pull a smile and muster up laughter
Until I am extended enough to
Clear me too!

By  Eva
Copyright © 2011

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