Sunday, November 27, 2011

Impetuous Voyage

Life. Taken on an impetuous voyage.
Outward, homeward until you reach the stage
It feels uphill all the way
Frankly at times I bless the day
Troubles pushed to the side
All of a sudden you see it with a different light
Foxy were her eyes while telling lies
“Woe is me! I was taken by surprise.”
Pity, the city lights shining so bright
If you only did not lose your height
Lost to view like a few
Look at him, youth is overdue
Tick-tock let him stick to rock
Time in his prime left him in shock.

Life. Taken on an impetuous voyage.
Born in Brooklyn parents didn’t turn the page
Compiled a collection, a different lifestyle
“I didn’t lose my way, waiting for a while.”
Ashtray counting the breathless times
Bottles begin to sway, hitting rock-bottom she whines
I heard them say “This was not meant to be
My eyes were wide open but unable to see.”
Working out a strategy for remedy
While holding on to life dwelling in felony
Listen my dear there must be a way
You didn’t want me to witness neither to stay
What do you want me to do
All I can do is to be there for you.

Life. Taken on an impetuous voyage.
Take me further east, Gaza held in cage
Allied forces suppress a smile, solidarity is all the rage
Hurting. It is not due to minimum wage
What would we do if we were born in prison
We argue, you agree that you have no reason
Humanity is only human when it benefits
Their soul attached to their goal when it always hits
The poor and weak, day in day out in the middle of the week
At Friday prayers, a little freedom is all they seek
Why is he bleeding, all he wanted is to feed
His family. Terrorism invented by your greed
Outward, homeward until you reach the stage
Life. Taken on an impetuous voyage.

Pen 'N' Paper
Copyright © 2011

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