Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dear Home

Dear country,
Dear Somalia,
the mother of the family I see and feel you
I see the tears on your cheeks as you look at your starving children
I see the scorched earth of you surface
I see your bared bones barely holding its body together yet caring for its people
I hear your sopping in the middle of night
because you have barely eaten yet have to provide for our people.
Though seasons of rains failed you home dear sweet home there is a sign of hope
There is a sign of life
In me and in all those of us who left you many years ago
I saw it in the eyes of the  three five and six year old girls at Brian Coyle* holding the sign that read “Car wash to help Somali famine victims”
the eight nine and ten year old boys washing stranger's car under the scorching sun for a Somalia they never been to or seen
the elders walking miles knocking door to door to collect donations will never forget you
Somalia my heart my homeland and my hooyo we will never forget you
I see the pain I see the heart breaking hunger and I feel your hurting
Home dear sweet home we will never forget you
Your prosperity was mine your poorness and problems are ours
Tho’ I departed
Though I left you for far away lands
though I am not physically walking on your soil
Though we are not crying on you for all this burden we caused on you
Though many of us are not  home with you dear home
We will never forget you.
We are home our heart is with you
Our Thoughts and prayers are on you every time we pray  duhr assar maqrib isha and subh and will never forget you
It is you where we pray for it is you where we desperately miss
It is  only you home where we are trying to go back
go back to start a new beginning
Where we take responsibility of our actions.
Where we care and look after one another regardless of any qabiil
Regardless of anything that would divide us
dear home we will unite for the sake of you
for the sake of our country and for the sake of our people
For the time being dear home we are with you and
will never forget you..

*Brian Coyle Community center at Cedar Riverside neighborhood, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Abdillahi Kahin
Copyright © 2011

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