Sunday, November 27, 2011

Better Days

Take me back to yesterday
When man would mean what he
would say

Back to when the country was
green and lush
And everyone wasn't in such a

Back to when man didn't live in
And we hadn't destroyed the

Today the car is an expensive
way to travel
Back then all you needed was a
horse and saddle

To a time if you did wrong
You were right if you were

Where you didn't need pills to
help you sleep
Back then they really did count

When only grown-ups went to a pub and
drank whiskey and beer
And no one said sorry you
cannot smoke in here

And if you got into too much trouble
and couldn't get home
Your trusty horse knew where to

And if you didn't know what to
You could go outside and kill a

And the kids treat was bread and
Today, all they want is more

Where the kids could go outside
and climb a tree
The only injury was a scum knee

Where fashion wasn't every girls
only passion
Or you had to match you dress
and shoes
Back then you didn't have to

You only needed the dress you
was wearing at the time
The other one was hanging on
the line

And the women would knit and
Faster as the family grew

Where all your details wasn't on
a computer screen
From what you have done, to
where you have been

And there wasn;t the Internet to
have a look
All your knowledge came from a

You didn't have that darn credit
card, or carry id
You only had to declare, "Yes this
is me"

There was no need for a mobile
You would tell her everything
when you got home

You didn't boast about your one
night stand
You stood up and was a man

Because if you got a woman into
Back then you knew you had
found a wife

And they didn't get themselves
sun burnt
That's something we still haven't

They had the sense to find the
Usually under the veranda's they
had made

When you could write on paper
how you heart really felt
That's when man's feelings were
above his belt

Sure we have found a cure for
many diseases
But back then we had faith in
God's blessings

Man has come a long way
But please take me back to yesterday..

Nomad WithDeen
Copyright © 2011

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