Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Orphans

I want to hold them
Console them
Protect them
Free them
But who's them?
Them represents the orphans of the world
The forgotten innocent souls 
The collateral damage to each war
The invisible human beings
The lost youth
The supposed leaders and innovators of tomorrow
But I only hope they make it to sunset
I want to hold them
Cherish them
Revive them
These are victims of the harsh weather and engulfing waters
Diseases and selfish leaders
Arrogance of every organisation and corruptions 
But all I want to do is 
Hold them
Hold every dying orphan 
Boy or Girl
From Bosnia to Somalia
In my bended scarred arms
I want to wrap them 
In the warmth of my treacherous arms
And make the sun jealous
I want to hold them tight
So I can drown them in my tears
And smother them with my love
To a sweet, painless death
I want my ignorant bloody lips to kiss their shallow cheeks
Something like a dark tunnel
Marked by streaks of salty residue
To make my pressure rise
And wake my sleeping heart
I want to give away every drop of blood from my free body
To save a hopeless life
To make a baby's heart pump and hear its holy cry
I would give away my big brown eyes
To an elderly blind man 
So he can see 
The corruption and deadly casualties 
But I only pray
For them, the orphans of the world
To live another day.

Mabsud A
Copyright © 2011

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