Thursday, May 26, 2011

The say

They say blood is thicker than water
Which is why no matter how hard she tried
She couldn’t wash away the evidence Scars, busted veins and capillaries
Her deep brown eyes tell stories
They say blood is thicker than water
So she asked him, why, what did she do?I am a man And men do whatever the F*** they want to do
That was his excuse
They say blood is thicker than water
But did he even consider their kinship
So as his White Puma’s came crashing on her face
She Prayed
Prayed that the next morning as he so nonchalantly
Went to use the restroom
Pull his pants down, a morning ritual
And like magic, No pathetic excuses for his actions 

They say blood is thicker than water
With every punch
She wanted to scream but no volume in her lungs
She wanted to remind him, we share the same mother and father,
That was a lie
There was a monstrous look in his eyes.
Suddenly he became a stranger

They say blood is thicker than water
When blood started dripping from her nostril
Eyes shut tight to escape the pain
Remembering childhood The “good old days”
This little girl’s tight curly hair Kinky, telling tales of hatred, Animosity, Evil, War, Barefooted refugees, Crying mothers, Screaming babies
Promising herself she would be famous one day
Fierce like Tyra
Beautiful like Beyounce
Powerful like Oprah
Respected like Michelle
She’s only a prisoner
Not behind metal bars
Instead behind Counselor Blush Foundation
Thanking God for makeup it became her protection
From staring eyes, People passing judgments
Wishing that CoverGirl would cover this girl’s depression
Or that Maybelline would maybe make her believe again
Or would hide the pain
In her once beautiful brown eyes
They say blood is thicker than water
But they didn’t prepare her for this
She whispers to her self
Don’t you dare cry!
But why do her eyes keep boring pain
That gives birth to sorrow
That impregnates tears
That delivers hatred
They say blood is thicker than water
They say that that poetry is a healer
Hoping that it works its magic she picks up her weapon
As the ammunition runs through her veins on to Microsoft Word
Hoping that poetry would echo her unheard screams through spoken word
A tool to recalculate her future Subtract all the memories
Add love and hope back to her dictionary
Multiply her success
So that that bastard would die a little inside
Every time that he saw her happy again
That she is everything he wishes he could never be
Determined and radiating with positivity 
They say blood is thicker than water
Finding comfort in her prayer rug
She looks up
Whispers Ya rab
They say forgiveness is a divine trait but she’s no Goddess
Maybe one day this hate will stop or even lessen
And I can find it in my heart to call you my brother again..

Ella Mentry
Copyright © 2011

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