Thursday, May 26, 2011

Picture This!

Now , if you told me today, ‘There is no way!’
Picture this! Let me put on a play
In life the starter’s gun goes with a different sound
You search for a meaning, but ignore what you already found
It’s not easy, I don’t claim wisdom
If you have more fitting words – be ready to bring them
Message of my story? There is no reason to worry
Different places shape different faces, don't feel sorry
For me, as long we live we share one thing – being human
Melanin dyeing different, but the same goes through your lumen
Time of segregation led to time of fascination
Look at her and him – accompany me to my destination
Be attended by success
Make an attempt at life’s surplus
Live and love, fall in but don’t fall for anything
Having said that, now watch the drama they bring
If you don’t trust or believe me
Why waiting for the moment you finally see?
Hard work leaves no reason for boundaries
Quick cash is not enough to sustain families
Avoid felonies, behind bars the world is out of reach
Don’t be easily reached, it’s time for me to teach
Rather preach, have faith, be a painter’s model
Let the painter have a firm role so you don’t toddle
Let me come back to my first point
Life is hard, try to look at the other side of the coin
They say you can’t gain without pain, nothing in vain
Roll with me on this memory lane
So it can be a lesson for him but foremost
For those children who give the future a roast
Fronting, acting cool by neglecting education
Let’s talk about their area, parents facing legal separation
Where is the foundation, where is the previous painter?
With the wrong colours, faint hope only gets fainter
Streets, creeps on their knees raising thieves
Home became less of a home, homeless is easy to please
With likeminded people who lost their mind
Life is hard to find
Now , if you told me today, ‘There is no way out!’
Picture this! Let me say, ignorance is a bliss – you didn’t leave me in doubt.

Pen 'N' Paper
Copyright © 2011

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