Thursday, May 26, 2011

spacious writing......

i am writing on one line and skipping many
a refuge for all the mothers running
from the heavy steps of
the strange soldiers
who poisoned  the moon and the tranquility
and ripped apart the night
with their cruelty..

i am writing on one line and skipping many
for my memories to dance
putting out the fire of fear in those huts
freeing the imagination of the children
that didn't see the daylight of peace .

i am writing on one line and leaving many
for the prayers that
the hope will not be chocked
by  my miserable words
and the sad stories
that wrapped our homes

i am writing on one line and skipping many
a place for your thoughts to embrace mine
and  the acceptance to be our bond
a sanctuary for the words to grow into 
poems  of justice , freedom and peace
 a place for our future to defy the darkness of the present
and we know and you 
that with faith we can defeat them all

i am writing  on one line and skipping many
a space for us  .. a break from life ... a time for reflection
where distortion will be examined under the light
and the secrets we are hiding from the heart will be revealed
 where our words will stop whispering to each other
and speak freely to the world
without the chains of shame
or the pain of silence
so come on
lets resurrect the good in our souls !!

i will continue writing and skipping lines
so you can live the birth of joy
love , rage ,truth ,lies
and all faces of life
between my amateur letters
between the lines !!!
and i hope you will do so
because " one hand cant clap alone"

Ismail A. Ali
Copyright © 2011

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