Thursday, May 26, 2011

Paradise is no longer here

Oh holding my breathe
Wondering all the things I might have said
From your face I’m sure        
It’s time to say goodbye
So long Mother
Death is near
Paradise is no longer here
When your lungs have given up

Whom have I got, to cry to?
You’re my best friend
Oh Hoyo say it aint so
Your hands are awfully cold
Stop saying you must go
I know, I know I'm on my own
If I hug you, say we are invisible to the world
See I’m acting like a fool, 
thinking as though I can beat death
Malak al-maut will be coming soon
hearing your heart beat weaken
And you’re not speaking
Slowly and suffocating, soon you wont be breathing

My hero, you’re the warrior who bring me here
And I’m sorry we took day to day lives struggles
And happiness wasn’t here to light our lives
But having you as my mother, paradise was here
Warped in a blanket the hug from your arms
When every night we shared our secrets
I appreciate everything, thank you for your care
I know I’ve never said it but Hoyo I love you

Say please it aint to late, now that death is near
Don’t tell me Paradise is no longer here
Remember Allah and know that your pain will end here
Holding a grip to your clothes
Even if I scream loud “don’t forget your test
Don’t forget your lord”, leaving traces of my tears
It’s breaking me as if I’d ripe out my hair
Sitting here holding my breathe
Making a dua for you
In shaa Allah when we have past in this world
Al kawthar is where we shall meet  
Time of death 8:23
The time you left this world
Where death took you
And paradise was no longer here.

Idil Mahamed 
Copyright © 2011

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