Thursday, May 26, 2011

In your eyes

" Moe"
In your eyes I see a bright light
No more dark in my life
In your eyes I see fairy and beauty
In your eyes I have met my fate
Staring deep I see my dream’s reflection
In your eyes I saw Ur heart pure clean as ice
In your eyes I see a world of mine that I never knew
In your eyes I see kids and a home of mine
My heart drowning in love towards your heart
In your eyes I see the world n all its wonders
In your eyes I see inner peace and beauty
A place to call home for my soul
And I don’t want to go away oh in your eyes
Makes me want to sail the seas
Climb mountains n trees to find that missing piece
Oh in your eyes I see the reality of my dreams
Peace, love and beauty
Happiness kids and home
Respect, reality and dignity
All I want in life is written down in your eyes
" Iman"
No lies
just the two of us
without any cries
my heart races fast
Just staring into your eyes..
Those dark brown
perfect round
your sweet sound
Perfect frown
cheers me when I’m down
just makes me drown
Stare close and deep
Look at your reflection
stand feet to feet
You are just perfection
fate has brought us together
And its our final destination
with smile this is our celebration
I’m lost in this love's high acceleration
true love we the definition
your smile gives me the power of a super nation
and I love when we put our love into action
beauty you are made with perfection
With you nothing is missing
because everything is deep down in your eyes
while you melt my heart like a cube of ice.

Poet of The Streetz (P.o.s)  featuring Iman Kiluminati
Copyright © 2011

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