Thursday, May 26, 2011

Broken Heart

Words chosen delicately, resonating is her voice like a violin
The neighbours whisper her story, rejecting any sin
Vibrating to the strings of life
Every string cut by the knife
A wicked tongue
Whose actions sprung
From a false conviction
Hurting became an addiction
Healing, a journey into the unknown
With a broken heart, you stay on your own.

Words chosen wisely, breath taken at a time
The word seems to suffocate in a single lie
We look for an answer not knowing the question
Unbearable pain she says, is not worth to mention
Holding on to a promise given in the past
Who knew that it wouldn’t last
Forgotten is the path chosen before
Rotten is the memory, trying it once more
Time was a company but not your friend
With a broken heart, the company comes to an end.

Words chosen rarely out of line
What you call yours, you called it mine
When the past can’t explain the present
That is when the future becomes irrelevant
Hope in your eyes shows the perpetual cling
It shapes you human, waiting for anything
Everything was covered in a shadow
What were you told to bear this sorrow
Unpromising promise promised to my promise
With a broken heart, there is no conclusion to your premise.

Words chosen descriptive to describe the meaning
You turn away, you don’t come to terms with her feeling
A chosen path doesn’t favour your situation
Unpredictable become the steps at different occasion
You still try to find any meaning
You don’t shout but I hear your inside screaming
You say, when the violin tears and loses its strings
The moment you are left in tears and lose your wings
Taking you away
With a broken heart, there is no reason to stay.

Pen 'N' Paper
Copyright © 2011

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