Tuesday, May 31, 2011


“Dear Stranger

Strange, how people always seem to know better
Even though they don’t know the shaky weather
We went through
Everyone seems to know what to do
In my situation
They don’t know how much you got my fascination
They say, destiny was the destination
Now that we go our separate ways – is there liberation?

Strange, how habits always come and cross my way
Even though I don’t know the day
Of the week
Everyone seems to know what I seek
In my despair
They say, life has never been fair
They don’t know how hard it is to grasp for air
Now that we go our separate ways – no one cares.

Strange, how strong I am, holding on to memories
Even though the city lights dim beyond remedy
Like the weak glow in my eyes
Everyone seems to tell me, it’s no use to try
In crossing the river
They say there is no need to shiver
They judge me for having fever
Now that no one practice – what the preacher preaches.

Strange, how I can’t hear your call
Even though I’m the one to blame, you say, it’s no one’s fault
Still admire your strength
Everyone says, the river is navigable mostly in length
In line, your waves got me shipwrecked
They say, I suffer from neglect
They don’t know the feelings you reflect
Now that we let go – nothing to regret.

Strange, how time flies by
Even though you moved on, do you sometimes wonder why?
Or did your broken heart finally heal
No one knows even though you are hurting, your lips are sealed
In comfort – at peace
They say, I come and go as I please
They don’t know what is behind all the ease
Now that we go our separate ways – am on my knees.”

Pen 'N' Paper
Copyright © 2011

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