Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Salty on my tongue as my lips part
Streams from the river of my heart
Expressions of words never spoken
We dream our days away
Without the promise of another day
Wasting precious time on a dying plain
When judgment comes, will you hide the bloodstains
Indulge in life and anything true is superstition
No your soul no longer offers you direction
Your mind wiped, deleted closed off and restrained
The earth is slowly dying, like all life it is in pain
Polluted and raped man contaminates even the rain
The wise and old, dearly departed
The new generation seem heavily retarded
Policies to imprison the innocent
Children in search of heroes’ heaven sent
Unjust wars by the real insurgents
Murderous generals and sergeants
Star spangled banner terrorists
Your propaganda my mind resists
Shackle my feet and wrists
My existence is in the mist
I will be standing when it all comes down
Once your fortress hits the ground
Fear not the repercussions
Never does it register in your calculations
Does winter come before the spring
Does the summer sun make the earth sing
Your just reward time will bring
And for those like myself
Living and watching the unfolding sin
Is our resolve paper thin
Are we only harmless shadows
If this is life then we live it in sorrow

Hamza egal © copyright 2010 all rights reserved.

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