Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ramadan Challenge: #2 Halima

Decorated were the streets of Mumbai

As Ramadan approached life quickly came back to the city

People embraced and rejoiced the beginning of this blessed Month

Came together and united for the sake of He who has granted them the chance to liveyet another year.

Get more reward

And repent for their bad deeds.

Oh Ramadan!

The sweet smell of watermelons took over the market place

Young and old spent time together



And,reminiscing on the year before

Praying for the souls that perished

So Allah may grant them ease and comfort

The city has always been beautiful

But it embodies a whole lot radiant elegancy around this time

Colorful lights add more spark making it even more beautiful

The sweet melodies sound of Adhans throughout the city tranquilizes your heart andsoul.

Oh,Mumbai how I miss you!

-Halima Ahmed

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