Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ramadan Challenge: #1 P.O.S

What have you got?

It's Ramadan

A chance of a life time

That we wait for long time

Let's forget about crime

And the hard feelings this time

It's a chance

To ask for forgiveness

So the river of paradise can flow towards us

To pray so the devil can be chained for ever

Please let's keep away the anger

And stay cleaner

Let's forgive

And motive others about Ramadan

It's a month of blessing

Its amazing month

It is the waited month of the year

It's a month

Where da gates of hell is closed

And the heavens are open

The devil is chained

And the angels are free

Our prayers are heard

So let's pray and be strong

Fast for the sake of Allah

And follow the umah

This world is a journey

Just like a thousand miles

It will come to an end

This world is like a school

You go and finish

If you pass the taste

Then you will go high

Den you live and die

If you got good deed den u go high

And if you take advantage of this month

Allah will take you high

So let's ask what have we got for Ramadan?

Poet of The Streetz (P.O.S)

Copyright © 2010

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