Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ramadan Challenge: #5 Sam "Two strangers"

I look at you, yes my eyes caught you.

I look as though amazed, inspired and educationally driven.

I look at you to learn from you.

Don't mind me if I stare a little more than I should, would you stop me?

You just need to look back at me andsmile!

I look at you because I like how you look and admire how God beautified you!

I look at you injectin gmy positive outlook and welcoming dialogue.

But I cannot figure out why you look atme.

Why you stare so deeply almost killing me with your looks.

You look at me in despair, raising your eyebrows with uncertainty!

I intend no offence; all I want to do is to read this Holy Book.

I continue to read quietly with a state of peace but you shake your head indisapproval.

I don't argue, I stay calm, reminding myself it's Ramadan.

I wish you could speak though and raise your concerns!

Or perhaps I understand!

Yes I understand, for I am liberated in everysense.

Behind this veil you will find an intellectua lnation,

Ingredients of success.

And unfoldingstories!

I am soft but strong and have a great sixthsense!

I know you are ashamed of your judgement uponme!

How you dream to be different,

You want to learn more about me,

But you are disabled to your inner soul and imprisoned to your social upbringing!

Let go and be free

Like me.


Don't be shocked,

Yes I speak English!

Sam Said

Copyright © 2010

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