Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ramadan Challenge: #1 Nimo

11 Months

For 11 months, I have been hungry when you have dined and energised.

Now Stomach, my good friend, you will not begrudge me this one time in which I may feast

on the bountiful delights of God's treats.

Now my need to be nourished will be louder

than your pangs of empty hunger.

I am doing this for your greed,

So that we may empathise with others' needs

and God's warning we shall heed.

For 11 months, you were given free rein

when you should have been restrained

to wander where you pleased.

All thoughts vile and unkind

travelled in and out of your mind

and hatred you entertained with ease.

You, oh Mind, will not begrudge me this time

To restrict thoughts to love, peace and His signs.

If I am to be given, as you were, free rein

Then we will not leave the righteous terrain

In which God has ordered us to remain.

For 11 months you tasted the acidity

of back biting, gossiping and hateful negativity

and you must have felt that the bitter was sweet

Because you came back again and again

unchecked to eat.

Now dear Tongue I will not be begrudged this time

To correct our spiritual line

for in the end it is He that we shall meet.

And when this month is done

And I have done my job

then for the next 11 months only good will escape this gob!

Nimo Hussein

Copyright © 2010

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