Monday, August 16, 2010

Ramadan Challenge: #2 Ilhan

Blessed day Two and our souls are Submissive

So much to do, How can you be Bored Ikhwan Wal Akhawat?

Did you read the Qur'an and the Tafsir?

What about Dhikr? No?

You forgot Nawafil Prayers

No to mention Seeking Forgiveness(We love making Taubah don't we?)

Did I mention Taraweeh Prayers? Aah, so much to do Alhamdullilah

Do you still claim bored and Idle?

But the afore mentioned are numerous,Super abundant, it shold keep you Busy

It is all about Seeking Allah's PleasureHis Mercy is without Measure

Indulge in Dhikr even at Leisure

Yep, Ramadhan is a Blessing and certainly a Priceless Treasure. 

Ilhan Bashir

Copyright 2010.

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