Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ramadan Challenge: #10 Halima "This Ramadan"

Ya Allah this Ramadan

Help me to come in terms with my faults


And the ability to accept and learn from them

Ya Allah this Ramadan

Open my eyes to the reality

And truth

Even when the truth is bitter to swallow

Help me to seek your guidance above all

And only adhere to the path that will gain your blessingsand mercy

Ya Allah this Ramadan

Let it be the month I learn to forgive those who wrongedme

Seek forgiveness from those I have wronged

And remove all hatred and envious feelings from my heart

Ya Allah let this Ramadan be the time

I stand firm for things I believe in

Never turn away from the truth and what is right

And never do the slightest harm to my family and thosedear to me

Ya Allah let this Ramadan be the month

I establish a stronger, deeper, sincere, truthful, andsignificant relationship with the Qur'an and my Creator

Ya Allah let this Ramadan

Be the Ramadan

I learn to live in the Ramadan Spirit long after it'sgone and until we are reunited next year, inshAllah

Halima Ahmed

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