Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ramadan Challenge: #4 Nimo Y 'What an incredible read

What an incredible read, The Quran

In it are warnings, glad tidings andadvice,

For the truth seeker it will suffice,

Eloquent speech and verses that instilfear,

Without doubt the words of Allah The mostnear,

114 Surahs into 30 Juz with no fault insight,

A revelation to show Allah's great might,

From start to finish it leaves one amazed,

How can a book full of words, leave me sophased,

Oh Allah enable me to memorise,

Forindeed you are the most Wise,

In it are miraculous letters, from surahBaqrahs Alif Laam Meem,

To the well known surah named Ya Seen,

None knows their meanings except theauthor,

The one free of partners, He has no son noris He a father,

Tawheed is the central message,

You will find an ayah like la ilaha illaant in every passage,

That means there is no true god except you,

Correct belief, a true blessing given to afew,

Let's take the time to revise our Qur'an,

Especially in this blessed month Ramadan,

May Allah increase our love for this book,

A guide for mankind, worth every look.

Nimo Yusuf

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