Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ramadan Challenge: #4 Halima "The College dilemma"

Dear sis, she said, "Share a bite of this homemade biscuit"

I thanked her and politely said no

She insisted!

I mean, really insisted!

I smiled thinking she might be excused from her fasting days

And reminded her that our monthly cycle was on a whole different path

"I am fasting" today, I said

Her eyes looked at me as though she was scrutinizing every word I uttered

You mean you FAST in America?

Shocked and confused

At how a fellow Muslim could ask such a thing

My mind started asking questions

Do we abandon Allah's word based on our geographically locations

And only adhere to it when we are in our native lands

I asked her, beloved don't you fast?

Her mouth speeded through reasons why she could not fast



Long stressful days

Not enough sleep due to homework assignment

The usual, she said, you understand, don't you?

I shook my head and said No I don't understand

At how you could choose to be blind

And deprive your soul from repenting during this Holy Month

Ramadan is more than abstaining from food and water

But rather it is a month you reconnect with your Lord

And appreciate all the blessings and mercy He was bestowed upon you

It is a month of forgiveness

A month for self evaluation

A month to exercise self discipline

A month to respect others

A month for Fasting

And, if you can't do that

At least do not mock those souls who restrain themselves only to please their Lord.

-Halima Ahmed

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