Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ramadan Challenge: #7 Halima "Oh Ramadan"

Can't believe it is already a week since Ramadan started, subhanAllah time just flies!

Ramadan oh Ramadan

You calm and ease my mind

My heart is open to the word of Allah more than ever during this month

And my limps instantly craving to bow down at the call of adhan

The air feels at peace with my brown skin

Embracing my soul

So gently yet it touches the deepest cell and tissue of my being

The hot air of August seems like blessings from heaven

And my lips never fail to glorify Him who has created me.

Oh Ramadan

Stopping racing on a fast train

And take your time



Linger around a bit more

For I need you to pump abundant faith in my heart

Make me an obedient slave

I need you!

Ramadan oh Ramadan

Just how you ease and calm my nafs!

Halima Ahmed

Copyright © 2010

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