Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ramadan Challenge: #3 Sam "Troubled Soul"

I don't understand you;troubled soul.

Nor comprehend how you are full ofguilt

Why you are in so muchfear?

What is that mist thatclouds your eyes?

I see your tearslonging for a new home.

I sit here numb as Ifail to understand the bitterness of yourgrief.

The sadness in yourtone

Your battle of regret and unsettled remorse.

I am exhausted with myfailed attempts to revive you.

I have ran out of helping hands

I am done with Q and Asessions.

This suffering mustend...

A smile must emergefrom beneath this beautiful face!

Let the hope shine onyou,

As the birds sing at dawn.

May you be touched by lovingkindness

The sweetness of faith

I pledge to assist you

In this Ramadan,troubled soul, divorce the fear

Whatever sinscommitted

The countless wrongdeeds

We will make use of this very chance.

We will not be a victim to our inner manipulatedtactics.We will not surrender to its false desires.

Fear not troubled soul, as He forgivesyou

So turn to Him

He Pardon you

So confide in Him

Be calm, fear not, and submit to Him

Your soul is enriched today

Be troubled no more

For that you believe in none but Him

Sam Said

Copyright © 2010

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