Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Our day breaks with pall-bearers!
Carrying dead bodies on their shoulders!
Still occupied is Palestine!
Lacking road-map to a peace-line!

Alas! West Bank led by Abbas!
And Gaza Strip under Hamas!
There is a problem in Jerusalem!
Jews want it without Islam!

There is Al-aqsa, the holy mosque,
Islam's third holiest mosque!
In the heart of every Muslim!
Pool of blood cause to swim!

Peace seems far from all will!
Both people yawning to kill!
If the two are side by side,
Will more chaos then to betide?

Unlawful the settlement!
That is death investment!
Without the two in agreement!
Means conflict encouragement!

That settlement has to freeze!
In order peace once to breeze!
Let the two meet to talk!
As in peace one to walk!

Failed are the people of Palestine!
Look they live all in mine!
Some with Abbas!
Some with Hamas!

Every minute shades blood!
And the enemy is so glad!
There is an agent esoteric!
And he is again exoteric!

There is a liar!
There is ire!
Children there!
Without care!

Failed leader!
Called ruler!
Crying mother!
Dying father!

Why Gaza children put in plight?
Missing food their basic right!
Passing away under sanction!
Without the world taking action!

Because of division!
Without reason!
Better union!
This is solution!

Mohamed Abdikadir Daud (Stanza)

Copyright © 2009

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