Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Rise up Africans

I'm not a poet, call me a word mechanic.
Thoughts is trans-atlantic,
At times my words can be frantic; volcanic; sorta schizophrenic.
But I got it under control, dont panic.
Listen up to this 'Afro-America', even if u cant stand it.
Hear it loud and clear.
Open up your ears, free them from suspicion.
Food for thought, take it as nutrition.
I'm not really here to put you at a disposition,
but I can if i have to, if you don't listen.
Its my ambition to break you out of your oh-so comfortable position,
And teach you the current state and history of the this red, white and blue tradition.
Get your pencil and papers out, this schools free of tuition.
They not tellin you what's correct.
Look at the signs and try to connect,
Dont be like the others who try to neglect.
Try to retain dignity and self respect.
Because we've been at the bottom for so long,
Longing for home since Marcus, yeah its definitely been so long.
We reminisce on the days of Mansa and how we used to be so strong.
If you ask me, assimilation has took its toll on the people of the continent.
Without consent, they've erased our cultures and descent.
Kinda funny how through all this torment,
A couple of programs, and all of a sudden we became content.
Ohh... The Lies they invent.
Yeah Barack is President,
Yet...We're still at the bottom like cement,
And STILL get the littlest percent.
We're at the lowest of lows.
We've got to grow.
Out of this concrete like Tupac's rose.
Even in this darkness, our faces still glow.
Every dog has his day is how the saying goes,
I guess no one can have everyday I suppose.
We remain average joe's,
Fit in average clothes,
Not like they did to Martin and his protests,
But Somebody should turn the knob, or we'll bust out this hose.
If not, I feel like one day we'll expode.
With the current, like a river...... we should flow.
Joining the ocean to release, cleanse ourselves from our head to our toes.
Clean the blood sweat and tears is a debt to our ancestors that we owe.
People of color need to wake up, it's a nightmare, not a dream.
The American dream is not what it seems.
Unless you want to head to your own mental and spiritual foreclosure,
Don't fall into its scheme.
Try to fight it and they'll label you extreme.
These traps are set to benefit only the corruptest regimes.

- Hashim S.
Copyright © 2009

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  1. Mashallah this poem has left me speechless. brother your talent is limitless and may allah continue to bless you! you had me nodding my head.. def belong on stage with K'naan.